Create appetite for NRIs for FD investment through their known corporate investors

Create appetite for NRIs for FD investment through their known corporate investors

The Euro zone’s $13 trillion economy is shrinking according to the latest data released in European Union.Investors and companies are increasingly pulling money out of China . China’s Banks were net sellers of$597 million in foreign exchange in July, suggests that China ‘s exporters are not converting their dollar earnings into yuan and some investors are taking funds out of the country . In such situations India is the best destination for any Foreign investors . Some of the Indian companies are unfortunately not realising the available opportunities in terms of growing domestic market and reverse flow of brain drain due to American policy is to be channelised for further impetus for domestic growth by attracting the FDI in manufacturing, Cold storage Chain in multi-model Transportation , irrigation, Solar energy plant and production , modern agriculture etc. Instead of wasting time on discussion on FDI retail market whether the Government is contemplating clear road map by addressing issues which are needed in other existing FDI opportunities in greenfield technology , manufacturing,and service sector. This will create the appetite for NRIs to return back with Capitol through their known corporate Investors.


Dr.E.M.Sudarsana Natchiappan MP

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