Dr. E.M.Sudarsana Natchiayappan, is a Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, in New Delhi, India. Fundamentally he is a staunch Congress Worker and a Lawyer by profession. Dr EMSN, as addressed by his fellow members of Parliament, is hailing from a simple family, from Eriyur, SivaGanga in Tamil Nadu. He was born on the same year when India got independence. He did his schooling in Thiayagarajar College, Madurai before obtaining the law degree from Madras Law College. Madurai Kamaraj University conferred him with a doctorate.

 As a Congress Worker

Dr. EMSN is coming from the gross roots of Indian National Congress Committee. His first ever position in the party was during 1972-1975, when he was working as the President of the Youth Congress, SivaGanga District, Tamil Nadu. From then on he served the party through the numerous roles and positions held.

As a Member of Parliament

  • In the year 1999, Dr. EMSN was elected for the Parliament from Sivaganga Constituency, Tamilnadu, and was part of the Thirteenth Lok Sabha.
  • He was elected to Rajya Sabha twice in 2004 and in 2010.


  • He has strong interests in Education, Agriculture, Human Resource Development, Trade Unions, Human Rights, World Trade Organisation and International Relations.

Books Published

  • Panchayat Raj Handbook, 1995
  • Is Lok Sabha for us?, 2004, a book on Parliamentary speeches
  • WTO – Indian Legislature, Executive & Judiciary
  • RTI – RTI-Why? What? How? When? Whom to?

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  1. Sundar Ram says:

    When will you finalise report on Tribunals Bill 2014?

    Sundar Ram

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