Is it Forced death or suicide of Planning commission :

Is it Forced death or suicide of Planning commission :

Planning commission was initiated by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to be a think tank having over all knowledge base to understand world economy and domestic economy to synchronise with positive growth and development of the Nation along with the component states, giving its own feed back by culling out various ingredients of agriculture based industrial development and vice versa. The energetic First Planning commission came out First a Five year Plan as they are the real pool of information crucible to come out with new economist ‘chemical out put’ which helps in-turn to have physical growth of the country in terms of GDP. There was a usual juvenile blame game by nascent private sector that the Planning commission is only on the pattern of Communist countries such as Russia and China. But it was not the truth from the thoughts of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was very clear that the imported economic theory could not be applicable in Indian continent. The indigenous knowledge and wealth have to cope up with colonial Masters Economic theory by the practice and co ordinated effort of Indian Government and private sector or private entrepreneur who are to be guided by green book – Five year Plan document.

This was made practicable by frequent interaction between State , Union and International Sovereign Nation States. His thought of bringing together other under developed countries to focus on this economic development was of primary concern in making the Bandung conference and evolution of Non Aligned Countries Organisation to see that they grow by mutual co operation and co ordination with clarity of thought . Even though it was a threatening force for other super powers as the third front might not fall on in line with their inborn nature of exploitation by bring other countries to be dependent on their economy. This made them to create UN Security Council , World Bank, International Monetary Fund and such other overt and covert institutions and bodies in the name education and diplomacy. Steering the NAM out of this ocean of exploitative system of Capitalist interest based Governments was the toughest job for the country heads more so to India. Since India is the only ancient country of civilisation which imparted knowledge to other countries in the memory of human history led the other countries while another ancient civilisation – China was spending the time and energy in internal issues and contradictions and fortunate enough to become as one of the Super power with the India’s help in the United Nations.even before China proves as Economic Super power.

If one can look at this larger canvas and the role of India in the comity of Nations and bringing courage to other developing and under developed countries by providing the technological and logistical support by giving its own trained human resources and natural resources. On the other hand the communication between states and the Union government under the common document of Five year Plan were successful according to the thinking and leadership of State Chief Ministers and team of Ministers. The out burst of Liberty at a stroke of independence in 1947 with the rights based Constitution of India (1950) and Adult Franchise without restrictions ought to have been lead to fastest growth of India if the same flavour of Independence movement was the force to bring the people to work in unison.

But the history of Independent India gave a mixed and complex development in six and half decades. Planning Commission could not reflect this and remedy it on timely interventions in the Five year Plan since the planning commission as a co-ordinating body between Union Government and State Governments becomes the barrier between the Governments as it becomes highly bureaucratic in nature.

Is it the end of the game on the role of India in comity of Nations and Leadership among the suffering developing, underdeveloped and least developed countries ?

Is it the end of unified economic growth of India among its own states?

Will the SOS call given by the present PM , for the help from other developed countries by opening up the gates of India to infuse economic and financial blood and oxygen to India laid in Intensive Care Unit?


About Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan MA ML( USA) Ph D

Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan, was a Member of Parliment - Lok Sabha one term and two terms Rajya Sabha and Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industy, New Delhi Sr.Lawyer ,Supreme court of India, NewDelhi, India. President, Indian society of International Law, New Delhi Founder of 21st century International School, Sivagangai Tamil Nadu. Author of books WTO and India, RTI and others
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