Tamil Common Wealth

Elam the heart of Tamil Origin and culture to Become capital for Tamil Common wealth:

It was another day to meet our brothers and sisters in Elam land. I love Elam because it is the heart of Tamil continent which gave the ancient civilisation for the humanity. The culture is based on love ,valour,brotherhood ,unity with environment , treating the universe as one and humanity as one , globe as one house, intelligence , adventure, rich but simple language a miracle which can create new discoveries but keep the sustainable scientific way of life mixed with ancient and modern – that is Tamil culture.

Heart is one :

The heart consists of right and left with four chambers . The heart is having many identities as they have some need for separate identity on the basis of location and certain activities done in those regions .If one chamber is hyper in action entire heart and body is affected. The health and maintenance of the heart with proper working and timely maintenance are involuntary .But once there is a defect in any of the maintenance then artificial interventions becomes the way of live. The entire body is depending on the heart for it’s existence.

Elam is heart of Tamil Continent:

I love to touch the soil of Elam . I mean not the chamber but entire Elam – Sri Lanka. It is misnomer to say Elam is only the North and east of Sri Lanka. These areas are the geographically ancient Tamil ethnic living places. It doesn’t mean that rest of the geographical area are not the Tamil land – Sri Lanka. Historical findings are that Tamil culture had the ‘ Mohenjo-dare- Harappa’ as the Dravidian Civilisation . It shows the noble mind of Tamils to loose their own name and allowed to be mentioned by the word which came centuries after evolution of Tamil into different languages according to the migration of society in search of different locations for establishing the habitat. Similarly the land mass touching the Laos , Sumitra , and all other south east Asian countries, were part of Tamil continent . Till Britishers occupied different parts of the Asian continent – Tamil was linqua franca of Asia and more specifically the south east Asia. Then why the status of linqua Franca lost? And how? We can discuss in different title. But one simple answer for the present question, is that there was no British type of Mother land with power and English language based rule for Tamil language. The result is that Tamils themselves sacrifice their land and rule of Tamil language in entire land- Sri Lanka and shrink themselves in two chambers as ancient land . This is the DNA of Tamils.

When I read the speech of TNA leader Shri R. Sampanthan in Sri IyyappanTemple Auditorium in Toronto , Canada on October,30, 2011

“Now, almost one million Tamils are living out side of Sri Lanka. They live in India, Europe, North America, Australia and various other countries. Same way, they think, if the rest of the Tamils in Sri Lanka can be sent out or if the peaceful co-existence in Sri Lanka can be denied, then their demands will disappear. That’s why Sri Lankan government is accelerating its efforts to change the demography in Tamil’s traditional lands.”

“We are a people with a separate language, culture and heritage. We could claim that we have been living in Sri Lanka even before the arrival of others. We are not saying that Northeast belongs to us. However, we have concerns in preserving and protecting the language based heritage in that land. We are saying that the Sri Lankan government should not alter that situation.”

“We firmly believe that our people, specially the Diaspora Tamils will offer their support to our efforts. Your large gathering here shows one thing, that although you are living abroad, you haven’t forgotten your land of origin and your villages. You haven’t forgotten your brethren. You should never forget them. You should come back. You should help the people living there at the right time. You should try to uplift them.”

This an yet another piece of evidence to show “How Tamil people are proving the ancient philosophy “. This historic speech of TNA leader proves my theory that DNA of Tamils are nobility, generosity, fraternity and universal brotherhood .

Tamil Philosophy and Tamil Common Wealth:

Yadum oore yavarum keleer ‘All places are our habitat’ ‘all are brethren ‘ – is the saying from ancient Tamil Literature written by Kanikan poongkundran, of my District Sivagangai , Tamilnadu. This culture of universal love and habit of migration and carrying the culture along with them had made Tamil as universal language. But it could not achieve the status at par with English as the Motherland is not nurturing as Briton does. Britons used the language as tool to communicate with ruler. They permitted other culture to have some place to exist while they were stubborn to show that English is prior request for communication in ruling and trade. Hence they gave independence this relationship in politics and trade continued. This was institutionalised by Common wealth of countries and regular interactions are arranged piously and usefully for the benefit of every member country. Now they give new agenda as Common wealth countries Business forum. The common wealth Games becomes a quarter finals for Olympic. Common wealth education programmes makes young student and academician , research scholars and scientist to strengthen the bond by language. USA is another super power to continue this effort as powerful as possible. It is high time to inculcate and imbibe in Tamils to follow this by focusing as Tamil as commercial more so for international Trade. Diplomacy is another way of political success. This can be achieved by Tamil Common wealth.

About Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan MA ML( USA) Ph D

Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan, was a Member of Parliment - Lok Sabha one term and two terms Rajya Sabha and Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industy, New Delhi Sr.Lawyer ,Supreme court of India, NewDelhi, India. President, Indian society of International Law, New Delhi Founder of 21st century International School, Sivagangai Tamil Nadu. Author of books WTO and India, RTI and others
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