‘Berlin’ an Historical city of change retaining footprint

Germany a robust democratic country extending helping hand without discrimination. Vietnam gave glimpse of such German friendship by having German educated Parliamentarian, engineers, Management experts during the communist rule in East Germany.

I am now in Berlin for discussion with economist, environmentalist, Nuclear energy specialists, Parliamentarian and intellectuals. Group of Parliamentarians from India under my Chairmanship of Indo- German Parliamentarians Group sponsored by FICCI and FES ( India). This week in Germany gives the exposure of evolution of European Union amidst Euro Zone debt crisis.

It’s Berlin which speaks about the injury of world war and division and reunion of capital of Germany as the single Nation . It is a country of intellectual Property , technology , Heavy Industry and innovation .

Germany stands as pioneer of Unification of Europe which started happening from 1999. First as unification by currency followed by political unity. The unification economy could not happen so quickly as the Nation States are not in equal in terms of economic development and Financial Management.

European Unification has two models to consider. One USA and another India. USA is a model of sovereign States unified on a constitution frame work because of historical completion innovation of Nation State retIn their power af sovereign States and shedding certain powers for a Federal Political unity with common currency, Language and one unified territorial integrity and security. More over presenting one face of the Nation , the United States of America.
This system worked well since it is based on individual freedom of business, trade and development with less state intervention. But human ambition has the need of a regulator failing which mythological demon will raise as harmful and dangerous for existence of humanity. Regulation by God- nature- manmade Institutions are the different established wand experience of human civilisation. When it is a question of economy and financial Management one needs ‘ Manmade Institution’. If it fails man has the capacity ti invent new one.

The USA is in need of new invention for economic and financial Management. But India was allowed by colonial British system to’Unity in diversity ‘ a new way of tolerance and innovation of Joint Family and Kartha . This political unification followed by Common Economic and financial Planning at the National level by relinquishing Nation State or sovereign State concept, has made India to withstood all manmade crisis. This concept of sacrifice of rights and discharging the duty of for the benefit of society is an inborn nature of India. ‘Dharma’ is the word depicts this culture of Indian way of life. Hence Indian model of political unity energised the economic and financial unity in Governance of a Federal States but as Unitary State. The Constitution of India and interpretation of the Constitution by the Supreme court of India made this new – but ‘old culture of Joint Family ‘ workable in a political Nation State. It proved it’s significance in the recent global melt down to unique security in action in India.

Now, Germany is to take the role of Karta( Manager) of a Joint Family of European Union by sacrifice and commitment for unity of Nation State, in evolvement of unification of sovereign States. Unification of economy , financial and fiscal Management are to be one package of political Unification.

Indian states having development and innovation mode sacrificed all their development to save the weaker states simply on this system Joint Family- concept Political Dharma . Now it is for Germany to follow the path of Indian Political Dharma rather than ‘ Political exigency of USA’.

About Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan MA ML( USA) Ph D

Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan, was a Member of Parliment - Lok Sabha one term and two terms Rajya Sabha and Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industy, New Delhi Sr.Lawyer ,Supreme court of India, NewDelhi, India. President, Indian society of International Law, New Delhi Founder of 21st century International School, Sivagangai Tamil Nadu. Author of books WTO and India, RTI and others
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