RTI and a Sovereign India

India is a sovereign country.

Whether this statement is true and in which way right to information Act is contemplated to realize the declaration in  the preamble of the constitution that India is ‘Sovereign Democratic Republic.’ Customary law is defined , ”results from a general and consistent practice  of states followed by them from a sense of legal obligation.1Sovereignty is a legal institution that authenticates a political order based on independent states whose governments are the principal authorities, both domestically and internationally.2

State sovereignty has been claimed on many grounds: divine sovereignty( in the name of God or His anointed agent on earth); monarchical sovereignty (in the name of the king or queen); parliamentary sovereignty (in the name of the pepople)

Does our organization enable its members to effectively carryout a strategy and meet their goals? The first requirement of an organizational fitness for purpose is that the organization’s structure should be aligned with its goals. What this means is that the organization’s structure should reflect the  nature of its business and its aims. It has to be able to direct resources- people , money technology , raw materials where they are needed  and where they can be effective .

Organizations that are fit for purpose enable quick , clear communication , both vertically and laterally. This means that information gets passed around and reaches the places, where it is needed. People thus know what to do and when to do it. They can give each other advice and information and help each other complete their tasks. An organization where people communicate freely and easily is whole greater than the sum of its parts. An organization where communication channels are blocked will eventually grind to a halt  as its members are unable to act or work towards goals.3

Organizations have to adapt and change as their circumstances change . However this ability to adopt is also has to be built into the organization. Making an organization flexible and adaptable is not easy. Largely, this is a matter of culture. Innovation is also a part of an organization to meet the goals. Careful planning, constant monitoring and substantial investment  in time coupled with well managed process, will be repaid many a times over in the form of greater efficiency and greater effectiveness.

About Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan MA ML( USA) Ph D

Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan, was a Member of Parliment - Lok Sabha one term and two terms Rajya Sabha and Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industy, New Delhi Sr.Lawyer ,Supreme court of India, NewDelhi, India. President, Indian society of International Law, New Delhi Founder of 21st century International School, Sivagangai Tamil Nadu. Author of books WTO and India, RTI and others
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