“Prevention of Conflict of interest” needs Central Agency for Intellegence and Investigation

“Conflict of Interest “is very much available in co operative societies and banks .Now a days conflict of interest is more prevalent and practised in co operative system. This makes the co operative  movement becomes captive in the hands mighty ,making weaker section much poorer and slaves.It is no more for targeted vulnerable groups. It becomes a tool for Financial scandals. Reserve Bank of India is now empowered to regulate Co operative Banks. But other co  operative societies are under control  of political groups or interested groups. In the absence of National Law for Prevention  of Conflict of interest there should be state wise demand for amendment of existing laws by inclusion of provision “preventing the conflict of interest” by judicial forum intervention in the Central and State Co operative Societies Acts.

Final solution lays in the Parliament to bring Constitutional amendment to create Agency just like CBI to see that conflict of Interest is prevented and prohibited as Statutory measure by Institutional mechanism. Constitution provides in List of Powers “ Union List : Entry 8  Central Bureau of Intelligence and investigation “

On this basis law should be brought in Parliament. More so Representative Peoples Act 1950 can also include such provision in pre and post election scenario. Government servants and Judiciary should also be covered under the provisions of Constitution.

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Conflict of interest is the evil in democracy

“Prohibition of Conflict of interest “is a must for INDIA. The UN started to look at various aspects. My private member bill in Rajya Sabha is on the concept of protecting constitutional architecture . Using democracy the conflict of interest in Parliament , Executive and Judiciary is starring at citizens just like Saturn in biblical version looks at Adam ( democracy) .

The International covenants and conventions are gradually addressing different aspects of Corruption. But the Constitution of a Country and its creatures are to be protected from this evil by the domestic laws and rule of law.

India is mocked at by various media because of conflict of interest . It is the correct time to bring enforceable law in Parliament. The biggest practising democracy is Indian Constitution in three tier system of governance and Judiciary.

But people are gradually loosing confidence on the system. The priority is to bring Prohibition of conflict of Interest

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ICRC and law making for NIAC

International Humanitarian Laws practice and implementation are continuous process and softly enforced with all commitment by ICRC . In recent developments of Non International Armed Conflicts are not looked in the prism of Geneva Convention and Protocal’s. The detaining authorities neither developed nor sensitised of IHL . The minimum requirement of conditions of detention are inadequate – “lacking in basics such as adequate food, water, clothing and bedding accommodation, hygienic installations or health care “. Since the same detaining authorities are trained in domestic prisons ignoring the human rights issues to the prisoners one cannot expect from them rule of international law.

We have to appreciate the efforts ICRC as an International institution of having team of professionals and law experts intervening and guiding the detaining authorities and insensitive governments.

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Sickly mind tries to bring India under dictatorship ?

Making India vs breaking India .

PM leads the Party vs PM led by party ?

Is it not way of hiding history of life sacrifices made by Mahatma, Indiraji, Rajiv ji by shedding blood to keep the country unified.

Nehruvian way obeying party is now one man thinks acts for 125 crore people and multiple democratic Institutions created by Indian Constitution and laws made by Parliament and State legislatures.

Can it happen in the greatest real democratic India! Never it can happen. Crores of people sacrificed their life to build INDIA. On man cannot destroy the edifice.

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Who is the master of universe In international Law ?

Many used to claim as InternationaI law is the evolution of European thought as the necessity for better relations with neighbourhood countries and sovereign states . Which was not acceptable as very often Prof R.P.Anand proved through his well placed argument. International law expanded geographically and occupied not only entire globe but also space, celestial bodies too. This is the historical evolution.But India had recognised the Universality of law controlling the globe and celestial bodies too. It recognised in the early part of world known civilisation that the human relation with the celestial bodies and regulation of each other through proved documentation ,empirical datas, formula, statistics, experiences,precedence and proves in scientifically acceptable terms. Indian saints and practitioners felt that the knowledge is directly given by divine power which controls and regulates every minute parts of atom to mega maximums by application of these resources. But the modern evolution of International law started from neighbourhood relations to sovereign countries relations by experiences and abstract material needs and demands on the occurrences of historical evidences and consequences of incidences and events. The need for Space law gives new dimention during the later part of 20 th Century in the decade of nuclear war threat.

‘The treaty’s principal drafters, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., were primarily concerned with nuclear weapons when they met in 1967 at the United Nations; Article IV of the treaty prohibits military installations and weapons of mass destruction from being placed in orbit or on other worlds. Further stipulations guarantee freedom of access to all nations, ban territorial claims and promote scientific cooperation. Above all, the treaty was designed to ensure that space exploration occur peacefully and for the benefit of all mankind.’

The dawn of 21 st century bring new vision and need for developed nations to think on commercial market economy terms , to earn profit even through the space expeditions . As the article in

“Who’s in Charge of Outer Space?”

By Adam Mann. The Wall Street Journal. 19 May 2017

‘The U.S. has adopted the latter interpretation of the treaty, along with Luxembourg, which hopes to become a hub of space commerce, and the United Arab Emirates, which is currently completing its own domestic space laws to allow asteroid mining. If enough countries take a similar stance, this reading could become customary international law. All eyes are now on China, which took a more equivocal stance during the U.N. meeting in March, saying that space-faring nations “should strike a balance between the freedom of utilization and the equitable sharing of benefits.” At the conclusion of the meeting, the U.N. committee elected to hold off on any decisions and revisit the issue in 2018.

‘Everything that happens in space falls under the purview of the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies. This international agreement, also known as the Outer Space Treaty, turned 50 years old in January. More than 100 countries, including the U.S., Russia and China, are parties to the treaty. “It’s the Constitution and the Magna Carta of space law,” says Sagi Kfir, general counsel for Deep Space Industries, an asteroid-mining company based in Mountain View, Calif. “It’s so fundamental that its principles have become customary international law even for those countries that aren’t signatories.”

‘In February, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo passed its third glide-flight test, putting it on pace to offer suborbital space tourism by the end of 2018. In March, Goldman Sachs announced to investors that a single asteroid containing $25 billion to $50 billion of platinum could be mined by a spacecraft costing only $2.6 billion—less than a third of what has been invested in Uber.’

The commercial exploitation of celestial bodies are now accepted by domestic law in USA by the President Obama.

‘One of the biggest modern-day sticking points stems from Article VI, which states that nongovernmental entities—i.e. private businesses—must receive “authorization and continuing supervision” from their country of origin. Article VI was originally a compromise between the communist Soviets, who wanted to ban off-planet commercial activity, and the Americans, who insisted that space be open for business’

Whether India will play a crucial role in this treaty formulation so that Chandrayaan II will be part of of our effort of proving the ancient knowledge of India used and justified of “Make in India”.

Dr E M Sudarsana Natchiappan

Sr Advocate , Supreme Court of India

3F, White House, 10 Bhagwan Das Road,

New Delhi 110001

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International School for 21st Century in Sivagangai Tamilnadu

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International Schools in 21st Century

21st Century International Schools Prospectus

Introduction :

Our 21st Century International Schools are run by Charitable Trust and Managed by Trustees from 1987 , thirteen years before the advent of 21 st Century on the vision of Shri Rajiv Gandhi . Along with Smt Sonia Gandhi he visited the School in 1989 in Sholapuram . It became model school for others in the District and State . Following that many individuals were motivated to start the school in the level of HIgh School and Higher Secondary school .But the culture of 21st Century International School is maintaining the slogan “ STUDENT FIRST” and 100% learning and 100% result – from LKG to XII , including Tamil, English, Hindi and Teacher Training .

School Management is constructing the Schools with definite Institutional Goal of sculpturing the students in flesh and blood to be best citizens of Tamilnadu ,India and Globe (United Nations) .

Albert Einstein Energy Theory :
It can happen when the Student and Staff have Realisation of their inner power, energy , and activating the energy chakras numbering seven inside the human body . Nobel Laureate Einstein’s mass energy equivalence theory of Energy (E =mc2) is secret of this energy which is th 21st Century International school system of education .

Teachers and supervising staffs ,faculties and all staffs should prepare themselves through well planed Lesson Plan stretched for an hour per lesson to Manage every class according to their syllabus using Teacher Writing Board , digital (smart class and vedio conference) and other tools to enhance the learning process with pleasure and joy .


The students are here to learn by their individual , group activities , interaction between peer and Teacher. The understanding of the lesson is not on the repetition but on the absorption capacity of individual students. The teachers are called as experienced not on the number of years they served as teacher but on the capacity to make the child to understand the lessons. Now the teaching method is not on the one sided preaching but on expression of involvement of the students to learn , understand and give the response by way of recollection and re presentation in an expected way. Hence it needs first to make the lesson acceptable and palatable to the student . From Nursery, Primary , Middle school the individual and group activities are learning process.

Public Examination Going Students Package :
In ninth standard onwards they have to prepare themselves fo individual learning which means Group learning and responding is to be unlearned for three consecutive years . It resembles that they have to prepare for track event in Sports from team game just like football or hockey and strengthen that individual management for Public Examination Going Students (PEGS)Package . This package is focused for individual performance assessed by unknown question setters and evaluators. It is a process getting recognition from known to unknown.


Teaching is most divine and noble profession in humanity and development of civilisation. The Teachers should show their efficiency by their commitment, involvement by enjoying pleasure of teaching in simple understandable and responsive presentations.

Supervising staffs and staffs should get respect from the staffs, Parents and the students by their smiling radiant faces, behaviour , body language, acceptability of the job with joy and pleasure .

Management , Sr Principal, Principals , Incharge Heads, and Teachers have their defined role in action. Commonly it is their duty to witness the happening around and make a note of it and report to the. Founder/ Correspondent/ Secretary so that proper instructions can be given to the erring persons. The notes taken by these authorities are the record kept in confidentiality. They can not instruct , then and there. If that happens one cannot see the capacity to control the situation and evolutions of organic growth of Individual Faculty or student . It restricts the self learning and self correction for teacher or student .

On the other hand we used to think that the ‘respect’,comes through authority by way of immediate military command . That days are gone. We are living by the guidance of Constitution of India (1950).

Now every body is equal and knowledgeable. Suppose a Teacher has the counselling capacity and voluntarily asked by another person they can guide.

The new way of Management is that If one is well informed with sufficient data’s , they will analyse how the personnel management can be well calibrated in discussions as a team; without indicating individual in front of others which touches upon the self respect of individual and avoid accusations. The matter can be utilised for Management applicable to every body and for universal applicability.

The Information Technology and Class Management :

The class Management is the prime task of a Teacher and students. To work as a team rather than having giver and taker relationship . Hence 21 Century International school,Sivagangai makes it a divine exchange of learning as a team consisting of Teacher, Class Trinity Leaders Team and Students.

1. Let the class be a divine location to enhance the knowledge and understanding with Meditation and yoga by concentration of mind touching upon all 7 chakras inconsonance with deep breath inhaling and exhaling for three minutes(meditation).It gives energy and regenerate pleasure and joy of learning for Faculty and Student.

“I learn with pleasure and joy , and save it in my brain and cultivate the energy of recapitulation with presentation in written ,and oral format when ever it is needed. Energy in myself and in universe are always positive and dynamic and helps me for sustained Energy .”

நான் மிக்க மகிழ்ச்சியுடனும் ஆனந்தத்துடனும் பாடத்தினைக் கற்றுக்கொள்கிறேன்.நான் கற்றுக்கொள்பவை அனைத்தினையும் என்னுள்கொண்டு என்நினைவாற்றலில் பதிந்துகொள்வேன். அவற்றை எந்தநேரத்திலும் தேவைக்கு ஏற்ப திரும்ப எழுதிடவும் சொல்லிடவும் பேராற்றல் என்னுள் உள்ளது. என்னிலும் என்னைச்சுற்றிலும் அவ்வாற்றல் என்னை வலிமைப்படுத்துகிறது. என்னை என்றும் சிறப்பாக்குகிறது.

2. The classes will have the beginning of lesson on recapitulation of the earlier learning and bringing the thought input of earlier class on the subject.

3. Let the class aware what is today’s lesson on the vision. Brief introduction on salient points by board writing and note book writing. The models , vedio or smart class are the tools for quick understanding and improving memory power.

4.The chorus while the Teacher is working on board with voice is old system of learning as background response. It should not be allowed so that the peace full situation from students side allows recording of Teachers voice, Teacher’s Board writing and digital presentation in the brain of the student. The recapitulation will happen by following process:

4.1 Now let the student read one by one loudly and pleasantly the lines of Text book.

4.2 The “round table” starts by asking a team of three, to sit near the Teachers Table while Teacher sits away to view all in the class room and board used by the student ; by locating the place for sitting in Teachers chair, and watch the performance of students.

4.3 Finally rapid questioning and summing up is the process of memorising the points in lesson.

The Teacher should end with

“I learned with pleasure and joy and saved it in my brain and cultivate the energy of recapitulation with presentation in written ,and oral format when ever it is needed. Energy in myself and in universe are always positive and dynamic and helps me for sustained Energy .”

நான் மிக்க மகிழ்ச்சியுடனும் ஆனந்தத்துடனும் பாடத்தினைக் கற்றுக்கொள்கிறேன்.நான் கற்றுக்கொள்பவை அனைத்தினையும் என்னுள்கொண்டு என்நினைவாற்றலில் பதிந்துகொள்வேன். அவற்றை எந்தநேரத்திலும் தேவைக்கு ஏற்ப திரும்ப எழுதிடவும் சொல்லிடவும் பேராற்றல் என்னுள் உள்ளது. என்னிலும் என்னைச்சுற்றிலும் அவ்வாற்றல் என்னை வலிமைப்படுத்துகிறது. என்னை என்றும் சிறப்பாக்குகிறது.

With Good wishes the class is to continue for next session .



1.சுருங்கச் சொல்லல்
2.விளங்க வைத்தல்
3.நவின்றோர்க்கு இனிமை
4.நன்மொழி புணர்த்தல்
5.ஓசை யுடைமை
6.யாழம் உடைத் தாதல்
7.முறையின் வைப்பே
9.விழுமியது பயத்தல்
10.விளங்கு உதாரணத்தாகுதல்

Ten facets (Beuty) in writing of book applies for Teaching

1 .Short introduction (abstract)
2. Understandable explanation
3.Pleasant way of presentation
4.Presenting through appropriate language
5.Modulation in presentation
6.Using fine Instruments and tools for acquiring deep knowledge
7. Orderly presentation
8. Following intellectuals learning and road map . ( precedents)
9. Presenting the relevant subject
10.Giving practical examples to absorb the subject.


Human life is most precious to protect the cosmos. If the scientific system and intellectual learning of Indians and more specifically ancient Tamils the world will be a place of peace and prosperity. Let us unlearn 20th Century method of education and learn our own method which is in the formula of Albert Newton’s theory “ Energy “ . Student should understand and use ones energy for the development and prosperity in consonance with the Nature around them. Protect the Nature and learn from it should be the Moto to make “Student First” – by the learned staffs way of teaching . The goal to make a Student best citizen of World is the 21st Century Schools “யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளீர்”Dr EM SUDARSANA Natchiappan Founder of 21st Century International Schools

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